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\Assemblies\SampleProcesses\Mail Receiver.process


Ayağa kaldırılması gereken uygulamalar buraya yazılır.
 <application namespace="EBI.EBIFlow.MailReader.Server.Application" type="EBI.EBIFlow.MailReader.Server.ApplicationFactory,EBI.EBIFlow.MailReader.Server" />



    Mail Reader Configuration
      interval            : Defines the mail reading interval in secs. Default (60 secs)
      sessionUser         : Defines the username to start process
      sessionPassword     : Defines the password for starting process
      logonProvider       : Defines thelogin provider to start process
      defaultProcess      : Defines the default process id for the mail reader. If no process set on the child this is used as default. 
      servers             : Collection of mail servers to read data from.
      server              : Defines the mail box information
      url                 : Defines the mail server connection url
      autoDiscover        : Defines the url type. If Auto discover url, server detected automatically from the url
      type                : Defines the mail server type. Default (Exchange2007_SP1)
      user                : Defines the user name of mail server.
      password            : Defines the mail server password.
      domain              : Defines the mail server domain
      timeout             : Defines connection timeout for this server
      process             : Defines process to start after reading an item. 
      maxitems            : Defines the maximum item to process for each server connection, Default 20
    Example               : AutodiscoverUrl("");
                          : Url("");
  <mailReader interval="60" sessionUser="sinan.tecer" defaultProcess="82B6D98B-D29D-4DF7-9DF5-F0A1D39C3F13">
      <server url="" autoDiscoverUrl="" type="Exchange2007_SP1" 
              user="sinan.tecer" password="epostasifresi" domain="ECZACIBASI" 
              timeout="0" process="82B6D98B-D29D-4DF7-9DF5-F0A1D39C3F13" maxitems="5" requestedHeaders="X-Originating-IP;Return-Path;X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthSource"/>
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